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Job Fair Candidates

ATP Educator Expo Job Fair

ATP has announced that the annual Spring Educator Expo job fair will be held at the Hotel Captain Cook in Anchorage, Alaska once again on Friday, March 1st, 2024.  Registration is now open for those who can physically attend in Anchorage.

In addition, ATP has partnered with the Alaska Department of Education to offer school district HR and recruiting staff development opportunities at the Teacher Recruitment & Retention Convening (TRRC) at the Captain Cook on February 29, 2024, which starts the day before the Educator Expo, and continues on Friday. Session topics will be announced soon to Alaska districts.

ATP has also set up another Virtual Job Fair for US-based, non-visa candidates on Friday, April 5. See the link below for times and registration.

ATP Educator Expo Job Fair

Hotel Captain Cook
Anchorage, Alaska

Thursday, February 29 - March 1, 2024

Teacher Recruitment & Retention Convening (TRRC)
** Alaska School District Staff & Organizations only **
Sessions: 9 AM - 4 PM (ADT)
Registration: Link

Friday, March 1, 2024
ATP Educator Expo & Job Fair

9:00 AM- 4:00 PM (Alaska Time)
Registration: Link

ATP Anchorage Job Fair Registration

ATP Virtual Job Fair

Friday, April 5, 2024
** Not for Visa Applicants **
Time: 9 AM - 12 PM  (ADT)
Registration: Link
Note: Another Virtual Job Fair for J-1 and other visa applicants will be held on a different date.

At this time, no ATP-hosted Lower 48 job fairs are scheduled. If that changes, we will update the information here, and on the ATP Job Fairs page.

Hotel Captain Cook -ATP Job Fair Reservations!

Frequently Asked Questions About Job Fairs

Every year candidates ask Alaska Teachers and Personnel lots of good questions. Here are some of the more common ones related to the ATP Job Fairs.

How many districts attend?

Over 45 of Alaska's 52 school districts normally attend the Anchorage Educator Expo. This is the premier job fair for Alaskan teaching jobs and the venue from which more Alaskan teaching jobs are filled than any other. A list of the school districts taking part in the Lower 48 Job Fair will be posted closer to the date of the event.

Will I get a contract?

There is no guarantee. However, many districts come to the Job Fair prepared to offer contracts to candidates they desire. Do your research ahead of time so you know in which districts you most interested. Then watch those openings and contract them at the Job Fair.

How long do I get to decide?

The time varies. Some districts are under very tight timelines and will need an answer within hours. Others will have more flexibility. Usually, "sleeping on it" overnight is common. Keep this in mind - You have come to a Job Fair and are interviewing for a job. You should already know if you want to come to Alaska to work. Once you've gotten an interview be prepared to accept or decline.

Be Professional – If you are not interested in a job, do not string a district along – decline the job so they can offer it to another candidate. Also, if you tell a district that you will have a decision for them in a given amount of time, stick to the timeline. Districts have other candidates who may be able to fill the position that you decline.

Can I get a contract earlier?

We strongly encourage that educators explore all possibilities. If you are receiving pressure to sign a contract before you are ready, consider asking for more time to consult and do more research, ask to speak with a teacher or administrator from the school site (video conferencing is available to many schools), or simply indicate that you need more time to consider your options. With that said, if the job is one that you have researched well, and feel is an especially good fit, go for it!

Do districts check references?

Absolutely! You can expect school districts to do background checks and contact your references. In fact, you should bring a list of primary and secondary contact numbers that can be reached during the job fair if you hope to get a contract during the fair itself. Few districts will hire without doing "due diligence".

Should I stay at the host hotel?

Staying at the host hotel will save you time and money. ATP has been able to negotiate a special rate for job fair participants and staying close to the job fair will help reduce the cost of transportation (rental car or taxi cab). In addition, there will other ATP related events taking place during the evening for educators and districts. You will also be in close proximity in the event school districts want to reach you. Staying at the host hotel can also make you more visible to school districts.

What if my spouse can't attend?

Districts like to interview all potential teaching candidates, especially couples. However, if your spouse can not attend, bring copies of both of your resumes, and introduce yourself as a teaching couple. Your spouse should be available for a phone or Skype interview and you should inform districts that he/she is available via phone or Skype.

Can my friend and I teach together?

Often, graduates seeking employment in the same village will approach school districts together. Districts also often need to economize on housing and these arrangements can sometimes be accommodated.

What should I know before a fair?

Download the brochures for the Job Fairs. These documents provide the basic information of what you need. There is a brochure for each of the fairs, and they are linked above where the details for each job fair is listed. You can download them in PDF format. Also, do your research on the regions and school districts in Alaska. Know that weather, cultures, transportation, housing and other things vary in different areas of Alaska. Get a basic grasp of the state's geography, climates and cultures.

How do I learn about districts?

So, you keep hearing "do your homework" about districts, the state itself, and the cultures. You may be wondering where to do that. Check out the links to your left. There is a growing body of content there that is written by teachers and school administrators. The links will provide you with the other resources you need to learn about the state, its geography, cultural and logistical issues. Dig deep!